U p c o m i n g  E v e n t s  –  F a l l  2 0 2 0


Fri. September 11th, 2:30pm - Score Study with Dr. Alex Jimenez - Zoom

Sun. September 13th, 6:00pm - Zoom Opening Social
Wed. September 4th, 2:30pm - The History of the Flute with Magda Schwerzmann - Zoom


Tue. October 6th, 7:45am -  Deliberate Practice with Jolene Madewell - Zoom

Tue. October 20th, 7:45am - Stretching with Jennifer Bendfeldt - Zoom

Fri. October 23rd, 2:30pm - Low Flutes with Stefan Keller - Zoom
Wed. October 28th, 2:30pm - Piccolo Masterclass with Peter Verhoyen - Zoom
Fri. October 30th, 12:15pm - Baroque Flute with Magda Schwerzmann - Zoom
Fri. October 30
th, 2:30pm - Masterclass with Robert Langevin - Zoom

Wed. November 4th, 2:30pm - Undergraduate Studio Class Recital - Zoom

Thur. November 5th, 1:00pm - Undergraduate Studio Class Recital - Zoom

Mon. November 9th, 7:30pm - Maggie Amato & Emily Busby Senior Recital - Zoom
Tue. November 10th, 6:30pm - Graduate Studio Class Recital - Middle Eastern Composers - Zoom
Thur. November 12
th, 7:30pm - Undergraduate Performance Recital - Zoom

Sat. November 14th, all day - Flute Day 2020 Virtual Event  - Zoom


Tue. December 1st, 12:14pm - Freshman Studio Class Recital - Zoom

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